Pizza and Dance Lessons!

Whew! What a day!

This afternoon we ran some more errands, picked up Livio’s tux and discussed logistics with his parents. I then came home and took a shower while Livio picked up some pizzas for dinner. I have basically eliminated gluten from my diet however one thing that I do eat still is Pizza, but only if the crust is made from Kamut. It is an ancient grain, and a derivative of wheat, however the gluten content is much, much lower, and if you’re not severely reactive to gluten, it shouldn’t cause any problems. It is actually becoming quite common in Italy to find!

I chose a pizza with sausage, bell peppers and onions.

Livio chose one with just salami! He also drank a corona =)

Livio can eat an entire pizza!!!

After dinner, Alice, who is a very good dancer, came over to give us some pointers on our first dance for the wedding. Fabio also came over to join in on the lesson!

We learned the basics, then threw in a few dips!

Then things got a little strange…

All in all it was a very busy, but also really fun! I must go to bed now because tomorrow I will wake up early to run and then we have another day full of wedding things to do!

Buona notte 🙂


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