Trip to Asolo

This morning we had a quick jaunt to Asolo, the city where we will get married! First of all to take care of some business (paperwork, bureaucratic stuff for the wedding) and to meet with the DJ at our venue location. It went very well =)

On the way I took a picture of Livio for the blog:

He’s very concentrated on driving 😉

On the way I had a light mid morning snack:

Anyways… While there, I took some photo’s of the town for the blog! Asolo is a very characteristic italian town. Small but full of old buildings, cute cafes, and narrow streets. There were quite a lot of cyclists in town taking a break after climbing the hill to get to the city (it’s on the top of quite a nice climb).

Afterwards, we stopped at our local supermarket and did our weekly grocery shopping. We do it together every Saturday because on Sundays in Italy everything is closed (and I mean EVERYTHING) and Livio works during the open hours during the rest of the week.

I had a delicious salad with leftover taco meat and a side of tortilla chips. It was very delicious!

Now I’m going to run some errands with Livio and tonight we have to get ready for our first dance lesson for the wedding!



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