My favorite way to start the day

This morning I set my alarm to go on a run for 7.30. I am too much of a zombie in the morning to just pop up and go immediately, so I slowwwwly got up and lazed around for another hour until I finally laced up my running shoes and got moving. If it wasn’t still so hot here in Italy I would just go later in the day, but alas I am forced to wake up early and get moving.

After a nice, short little run (about 5k/3miles) I cooled down for a bit and drank some water while contemplating what to have for breakfast. I thought…maybe I should make it more interesting for the blog’s sake. However I just can’t resist my favorite breakfast.

One might think, how boring! A cappuccino and a larabar, doesn’t that get old. Maybe it should get old…but not for me! I literally eat it 5/7 days a week. Now I’m running out of flavors, but that shouldn’t be a problem in 10 days when my parents arrive for the wedding, because they will restock me =)

So anywho…my breakfast was yet again, a larabar, carrot cake flavor and a cinnamon cappuccino. I just add a cube of brown sugar (yes I have brown sugar cubes!

They’re so cute! Then a dash of cinnamon sugar goes on the top of my steamed milk. Then I pour my Moka espresso coffee in…mmmmmmm….

So good! My favorite way to start the day 🙂


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