Typical unusual day (Title by Livio)

After breakfast this morning I set about putting together the wedding favors. I don’t want to ruin the surprise on the blog if anyone out there that’s coming is reading so I won’t be specific but it involved lots of little boxes! WHEW!

While waiting for Livio to wake up I had a snack of some juicy, delicious grapes

Then I folded our growing mass of laundry…

Patrick was of course of no help whatsoever!

Then Livio and I made our usual Sunday brunch. The tradition of brunch does not really exist in Italy as it does in America and it’s one of the things I miss the most about the states. Therefore Livio and I usually make pancakes or eggs and bacon to change it up a bit. Brunch is about as American as you can get.

I made a frittata with pancetta and onion and a small side salad to add some vegetables in there. It’s hard to make Livio eat his veggies but he actually loves salad! We also had some delicious bacon-style pancetta on the side. Yum!

Then we had a busy afternoon of hand-crafting wedding decorations! It sure is tiring making all of the little details yourself instead of buying them; but it’s truly special because it is all home made.

Livio entitled this a typical unusual day because it is normal for us to eat things he considers strange or unusual, as I am always trying to invent new ways for him to eat his vegetables. He HATED vegetables when I first met him and tonight I was able to make him eat eggplant. This is truly unusual.

Dinner was actually quite delicious, and greek inspired by this fage brand tzatziki sauce I found at the supermarket yesterday. I always get inspired by new products like this that are more international in Italy!

The sauce inspired me to make greek chicken along with what I consider more greek vegetables. I made an eggplant, onion and red pepper saute and roasted potatoes.

All in all it was delicious and Livio ate every drop of eggplant on his plate! Che bravo!

Now I am in bed relaxing while I type this post and drinking a hot tea. Good night all! I will be up early for another run =)


3 thoughts on “Typical unusual day (Title by Livio)

  1. I saw you leave a comment on Jenna’s blog and I thought your name sounded familiar. I’m a friend of Alena’s from her semester at UVA. Sounds like your life as taking some amazing turns, congrats on the upcoming wedding!! Look forward to checking out your blog 🙂

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