Laborious Labor-day

So I actually ended up going on that run this morning! It was lightly drizzling however it cooled the temperature down quite a bit here so it was okay to go a little bit later.

I had some grapes as a snack before I left:

After I got back and cooled down I prepared lunch for myself and Livio. Tortellini for him and leftover veggies and chicken from last night for me! Someones got to finish those leftovers…I also prepared some delicious quinoa for the side. I LOVE it- especially the white kind.

Then my favorite treat! A chupa chups!!! Does anyone else like these? I had the vanilla flavor. These are popular in Europe but the vanilla flavor is difficult to find so when I find it I buy a lot! I glance in almost every store/cafe/bar that I go into for this and the chocolate flavor.

After lunch I got down to business, crafting DIY wedding decor and tying many little bows on the favors with Livio’s mom. I tried to explain to her the concept of my blog but she just got worried that it would make it too easy for someone to find me!! Ahah…I assured her that writing in English protected me because Italian creepers couldn’t understand what I was writing. So cute!

Dinner is quite boring, however one of my favorite things…TUNA! This type of Italian tuna is packed in Olive Oil and SO SO delicious. It’s basically like a whole tuna filet. I think you may be able to buy this brand in the states though I’m not sure!

I had it on top of a salad with some corn chips on the side.

I also had a small piece of Pecorino Sardo. It’s similar to Pecorino Romano, but less salty and a little creamier. It’s made in the island of Sardinia and Livio’s co-worker brought it back for us as a present! Grazie Marco!

Mm mm..And to top it off a piece of Ritter Sport Gianduia Chocolate. Livio and I each choose a ritter sport bar at the supermarket when we do the shopping, but this week we both chose the same flavor! I stole a piece of his though… heeheehee…he’s not here.

Shoot! I guess he’ll find out later when he read this…Good night everyone!


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