Rainy day change

Alas when I woke up I heard the rain drizzling overhead. Then Livio tells me “It’s raining, I’m sorry…you can’t go running” I sighed and rolled over and drifted back to sleep for a while, it didn’t take much convincing for me to decide not to go. I didn’t sleep for long though because I was excited to make something different for a change for the blog!

It’s rare that I change my breakfast up, but when I do it’s got to be really delicious. This is my second favorite breakfast, recently at least, that I can make here in Italy. You see, most Italians eat pastries and coffee for breakfast, and while I do love a good nutella brioche, I’m rather intolerant to gluten and so I’ve been avoiding those! Enter the peanut butter…

Using my favorite peanut butter, the white chocolate dreams by PB&Co, these boring ol’ rice crackers become quite delish! Oh and it’s sad because I brought this from the US and I’m about to run out… (hint hint Laurel, the best sister in the world I love you!, hint hint).

So I spread this on, drizzled some honey on top and made a regular cappuccino! Such a wonderful way to start my morning 🙂

Now I’m off to work on some wedding projects and maybe if I gather up the courage I will go on a short run in the rain.


6 thoughts on “Rainy day change

  1. I’ve decided to live vicariously through you, so I’ll be a daily reader. It’s always been a dream of mine to live in Italy, but life has never led me that way, so I’m enjoying your pics and posts. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy la dolce vita electronically!

    • Wow thank you so much! I am so glad to know people appreciate hearing about my little life here in Italy. I in fact started this blog to remind myself a little bit to appreciate the little things in life more and not let it just fly by me! If you ever have any questions about the life here just let me know =)


  2. I love running in the rain, it makes me feel super badass haha, but the only thing is, I can tend to get blisters from my socks getting wet!

  3. Thanks Sarah, I do not have any of that peanut butter but I will certainly on the lookout for it now 😉 Do you know if it’s sold around here locally?

    I am so enjoying your blog! I have been blogging for maybe 4 years now……boring junk of course, but it is really nice to sit down and basically thumb back thru my life in pictures and stories. My extended family really like to be able to keep up with me thru the blog too. I am certain you family is most grateful for yours, as I am! I have thought about you guys often and Tammy fills me in periodically about your whereabouts but now I can see for myself!

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