This morning was cloudy but not raining!

So I decided to take a little trip around Crocetta in my bike for some pictures for the blog as well as to get a few things for a special lunch for Livio and myself!

My town is at the foothills of the Italian Alps so you can see them in the background!

The main street (and only street) of my town also runs along an irrigation canal, because there are cornfields scattered EVERYWHERE in the Veneto (the region where I live). These canals bring water to them from the Alps.

And here’s the grocery store! It’s in the most picturesque location, with an amazing panoramic view surrounding it.

I got the groceries I needed for lunch + a nectarine for a snack for when I got home! Sooo juicy and sweet!

The lunch I made was the first time making this recipe! Livio loved it and I loved it! He even ate all of the spinach without complaining.

These are chicken and turkey sausage stuffed peppers. Inside the sauce is made out of onions, spinach and tomato sauce and there is parmiggiano reggiano sprinkled on top!

SO delicious!

I didn’t post the recipe but if you guys want I can! let me know in the comments. This evening I am going to try a yoga studio nearby so dinner will be late!


3 thoughts on “Stuffed!

  1. I really like stuffed peppers and I always forget how simple and fun they are to make – thanks for the reminder! Enjoy yoga πŸ™‚

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