Bad Blogger

I know I am a bad blogger, but it was a series of unfortunate events.
The yoga class I tried yesterday started at 8 p.m. Livio accompanied me because it would be my first Italian directed yoga class and it was supposed to be an advanced course. I know all of the positions in English but I was worried about not knowing in Italian and embarrassing myself so he gallantly came with. Unfortunately, I think, Italians and Americans have different conceptions of yoga and the styles are very different. It was the only course I’ve tried here but it did not go well and I will probably just continue doing it on my living room floor using

After finishing this not-so-great yoga class, Livio and I were VERY hungry because it was 9.30 and we had to still prepare dinner. We prepared it and ate around 10.15 and we were so famished that I forgot to take photos until half-way through the dinner and by this point it did NOT look very delicious, and it was! I made pork chops marinated in soy and maple and using the sauce of the pork chops, I added wine and reduced it to pour it over quinoa. I made roasted Brussels sprouts on the side and it was a wonderful dinner!

This morning I woke up early to go to Montebelluna! Every Wednesday there is the market in the center of Montebelluna and so I ate my breakfast of two rice cakes with dark chocolate dreams peanut butter by PB&Co in a hurry.

I then proceeded to leave the camera with Livio so I couldn’t take any pictures of the Market or my delicious lunchtime salad.

Anyways I am back in business and I promise I will continue with the regular schedule now! See you after dinner!


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. haha, if you are a bad blogger, I am… well there are no words. At least you post every day. I’m amazed that you make such fancy meals every day, too, and with such interesting flavor combinations. Where did you learn to cook?

    • Hi Sorry for the delayed response! I learned to cook as I was growing up from my dad and I’ve learned a lot about Italian cooking while living in Italy. It almost comes naturally because I just did it when I was younger and it seemed so normal to me to cook. I appreciate it though!!!

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