Cleaning out the fridge

This morning I set my alarm for 7.30 to go on a run and I actually jumped out of bed before it even went off! That rarely happens but it was good for my run this morning. I was awake and ready to go! I had a nice 3 mile out and back run while pondering what to have for breakfast.

In honor of finishing things that we already have in the fridge I ate this greek yogurt with nuts and honey. It was actually delicious!

It looked like this with the honey swirled in! So good! Although I could probably just buy regular greek yogurt and swirl nuts and honey in myself… It was nice to try something new that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I had a relaxing morning consisting of doing laundry, chores and taking a bath. I then prepared this delicious lunch for Livio and I. Livio comes home every day for his lunch break and today I wanted to use up the last of our eggs and I thought of this nice little bowl to put together.

I like the feeling of using up food that’s already in the fridge so that by the end of the week when we do the grocery shopping I don’t feel bad about buying all new stuff!

This actually turned out really delicious! I just roasted the green beans with olive oil, salt and pepper while steaming the quinoa. I mixed in some pecorino romano and pepper with the quinoa and fried the eggs up. All very simple but delicious and nutritious! I highly recommend trying quinoa to anyone who has never tried it. It’s so simple to make and really good for you, in addition to being very tasty of course.

Tonight will be our last night together before Livio leaves for the weekend with his volleyball team (he plays semi-professional volleyball). We will also have to meet with the rehearsal dinner restaurant to finalize the menu. See you all after dinner!


One thought on “Cleaning out the fridge

  1. Sarah, I am sure your parents are so very proud of you!! You sound like you are so happy!

    Food looks great! I love fried eggs with veggies for an evening meal and with our fresh eggs I should do it more often. I know what’s for dinner tonight!

    Great pics, thanks for sharing them!

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