Lunch + a vinaigrette

Today I have a recipe! Not a very complicated one…but one that is very useful!

It’s my super simple vinaigrette.

It’s just garlic, minced:

You put it in a jar with salt:

Pour in the balsamic and let the garlic marinate (it removes the strong, bitter taste of the garlic):

Then pour in equal parts olive oil and Voila!

You have a great dressing for salads of any type…which leads me to my lunch:

Salad topped with tuna, hard boiled egg, corona beans, corn and tomatoes. Oh and my special sauce 😉

Today I am cleaning my house because my parents are arriving in TWO DAYS!!!!! I also am starting to prepare our bilingual speech (together with Livio). Does anyone have any tips about speeches from the bride, or in particular how to do them for a group of people who speak two different languages? Is simultaneous translation a good idea? Is it better to pass out cards with the translation?


4 thoughts on “Lunch + a vinaigrette

  1. I like the handing out of cards for translation. Saying what is in your heart should not sound like it’s being done in an echo chamber. Just be you and the emotion of what you are saying will come through in you voice. Congratulation on the beginning of a journey that will change from day to day…………..It will be a wonderful ride.

    • Thanks for the input! It was actually my sister’s idea to hand out the translation cards. It would definitely flow better then doing the simultaneous echo translation =) It will also be easier to remember that way and harder to mess up! Thank you again!!!

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